This morning I found myself doing one of my favorite things.  The Summer Blast crew trusted me with a stage and a microphone.  With a little bit of help from Elsa, T. Swift and Pharrell I unwrapped a lesson.  It was a lesson on Listening.  And, I am learning it right along with all these kids.

I told them about the prophets: Isaiah, Deborah, Jeremiah, Miriam, Daniel, and Anna.  I told them that God gave some people the job to listen to Him and then tell the world what He was saying.  I invited them into the gospel of Mark where we meet one of these Listeners.  I introduced them to John, John the Baptist.

I drew them in his camel hairy clothes and his diet of locusts and wild honey.  Then I told them what he got to do because he had become so good at listening.  He had the honor to baptize Jesus, himself, the one of which he felt too unfit to even bend down and tie His sandals.  Because John had learned to listen so well and do what God was saying, he was given a great privilege.  Because he learned to listen, he lived out the great adventure God had for him.


I want to listen like John the Baptist.  I want to be so over the top obedient.  I want to hear God clearly and go do what He says.

And, these days it's not so I can be well-behaved.  I don't think that is what the end goal is.  No, I want to recklessly obey so I can live this life with all it's adventure and vibrancy.  I want to be more fearless because I am more faithful. 

Join me.  Let's open our ears, our eyes and our hearts today.  God is still speaking.  Listen.