I am a Truth telling, boo-boo kissing, coffee drinking, lover of Jesus. I have a strong infatuation with musicals, Shakespeare and leopard print.

You will often find me with a re-heated coffee mug in one hand and loving on my people with the other. I spend most days hovering over a fierce three-year-old, chasing a wild six-year-old and singing along with a precocious eight-year-old alongside my amazing husband. I call him, “Fly.” 

Before motherhood I worked in a local church. Completely caffeinated and full steam ahead, I strived to give it all as I pastored students and served families. I also used my flair for the dramatic to create meaningful moments in weekend services.

As motherhood and full-time ministry began to collide and crumble, I left my career to stay home and just be, "The Mama."

Through this transition God transformed me.

From breakdown to breakthrough, I found myself on a new adventure that started with a big blue chair and a baby who wouldn't sleep.  

In the messes, the mayhem and even the mundane, I have learned to daily search for the holy and the miraculous.

I see God in birds, trees and rocking chairs. I sing showtunes and Silly Songs with Larry.  I homeschool and drink more coffee than I should.

 And in the thick of it all, I throw my hands in the air singing my, "Hallelujahs," for this life I  have been given.



Raindrops on Roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.
 Brown paper packages tied of with strings these are a few of my favorite things...



01 / These kids

05 / iced lattes sweetened

02 / a good story

06 / strawberry season

03 / weddings

07 / My Big Blue Chair

04 / Disneyland


08 / adventures with this guy