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I am a Truth telling, boo-boo kissing, coffee drinking, lover of Jesus. I have a strong infatuation with musicals, Shakespeare and leopard print.

You will often find me with a re-heated coffee mug in one hand and loving on my people with the other. I spend most days hovering over a fierce five-year-old, chasing a wild eight-year-old and singing along with a precocious ten-year-old alongside my amazing husband. I call him, “Fly.” 

I love to sing.  I sing in cars and showers, in rocking chairs and big-kid beds.  I sing at my kitchen sink and in my laundry room.  I am not a professional, nor care to be one.  Instead, I want to teach others to sing along with this God-song I am learning.  For me, singing is a synonym for seeking.  It is praying, asking, thanking, even resting.  It is simply learning the tune of knowing Jesus and living in His presence.  It is lifting my voice daily as I seek the One who gave me a something to sing about. 



Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit

A Life Worth Living

A Birth Story


Let it Be So: A Reflection on Mary

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01| iced lattes slightly sweetened

02| strawberry season

03| learning to garden

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04| these three

05| my Bible

06| this guy