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The Process

“The process is the point.” - Lysa TerKeurst Whether it be novels, movies or real-life, I always want to find out what happens.  I want to get to the end and be sure it all works out okay.  I love surprises when I know the surprise will be pleasant but an unknown outcome scares me.

I haven’t read a novel in a while.  (I’m looking for some good recommendations if you have any!)  It’s because when I am reading a good story I can’t put it down.  I immerse myself completely and devour the words on the page.  There is no savoring.  There is no digesting.  Just craving more and feeding that craving until I get to that last page.


I don’t want to read like this anymore.  Frankly, I am not allowed to read like this anymore.  I think the reason I haven’t picked up a novel in a few years is because I know my little people would make it very hard to devour it.  But perhaps that is a good thing. I have heard author and speaker, Lysa TerKeurst, quoted, “The process is the point.”   The quote referred to writing a book, something I am also working on in this season, but those words have carried some weight with me.  The process, the waiting, the shaping, it is all hard work but it is also where we see the hand of God.

In scripture God is referred to as the potter and we are His clay.  I’m not a potter nor have I ever sculpted something…well, that’s a lie…I’m pretty sure I made a pot in art class in the fifth grade for Mother’s Day.  That being said, as much satisfaction is found in the finished piece of art, isn’t it really the creating that gives the most pleasure.

The process, the story, the unfolding, the do-overs, this is where the life is.  It is in the breathing on and experiencing of what is right now, right in front of us.  I admit that I too often miss the right now in hopes of what is next.


The three little people in my life are just that, little.  It is easy as a mama to look forward to or hope for the next phase but I find myself not appreciating the “little” in them.  The Peanut is discovering and learning new things everyday.  Instead of enjoying her process I find myself agitated and hurried.  The Little Man is really becoming a little man these days.  His questions and his heart delight me.  His wiggles and need to explore irritate me and find myself hoping for the days he can do more of it on his own.  The Bug.  Oh, what a deep thinker she is becoming.  Her thoughtful conversation mixed with her great imagination make my heart burst.  As she teeters between little kid and big kid I find myself impatient and placing way too many expectations on her.


If the process is the point, then I have been missing the point recently.  It’s time for me to get down and play, to savor the right now and find joy in the process.

Will you join me?


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