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When You Feel Like a Mess...


With a GIANT cup of coffee I finally find myself at the screen again.  Summer came in like a whirlwind undoing and upheaving all the neatness and routines. I love summer and the smell of sunscreen and the fact that a dip in the pool counts as a bath…right?!  I love big ripe strawberries from the Nicholson’s strawberry farm and the juicy, pink faces smiling up at me asking for more.  I really do love summer, but this time summer seemed to knock me right off my feet.  And just now, just as the June gloom seems to be dissipating I find myself bracing, and dusting off, getting back up to start running forward again.

As rough and tumble-y as it all felt, it was good.  It wasn’t good because it felt good.  Not. at. all.  It was good because there, down for the count, in the midst of the messiness, He was with me.  Teaching me.  Guiding me.  Coaching me.  Holding my face in His gentle hands and lovingly speaking to my heart.  I finally resolved not to get up until I had learned all I needed to learn sitting there…in the messiness.  It was only after a good long sit, a time out if you will, that I reached back for His righteous, nail scarred, right hand and stood in all the grace He poured over me.  He made me clean again and set me back on the path.


I know I’m not the only girl who has been knocked right off her feet recently.  Maybe today you find yourself dusty and bruised, tired and weary and in a complete mess. Can I remind you, as a dear friend reminded me: You are not the mess.  If by His grace, you have been saved then you are not a mess.  You can feel like a mess.  You can find yourself in a mess…but you are not a mess.

What are you then?

You are chosen.  He chose you.

You are equipped.  He filled you with His Spirit.

You are enough.  He completes you.


You are His.  He’s got you.

If you’ve found yourself down for the count today can I encourage you not to try and get back up so fast.  In the quiet, in the stillness just sit there for a minute or two.  Invite Him to teach you every last lesson He wants to teach you in this situation you find yourself in.  And then, once His Words have nourished and refreshed your thirsty and hungry soul, stand.  Get back in the race, the one marked out for you.  Keep running, friend.  The prize is worth it.

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