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31 Days of Singing Along: Life and Adjust

31 Days of 5 minute posts...Yesterday and Today's Prompt: Life and Adjust

Yes, the third baby is an adjustment.  We have all had to adjust in different ways.  Life is different than it was a year ago.  There is one more human in the blessed house.  And, she is a gift.

When I found out I was pregnant with The Peanut I was so happy but truthfully I was disappointed.  I was not disappointed about her little life.  Heavens, no!  I was so grateful that the Lord miraculously granted the secret desire of my heart.  I was disappointed because two months before, I had found contentment in the fact that come this school year I would have about 8 hours; 8 hours to do things with...not just anything...but perhaps, I could do ministry in a head-on capacity again.  I had been faithful in prayer and little places I could volunteer for the past three years but my heart was desperate to use gifts again that had been laid down for a season.

Now, with The Bug, The Little Man and The Peanut I realize I had no reason to be disappointed.  Life has changed.  We have adjusted.  And, God has opened up new opportunities for this mama to serve again.  Just tonight I found myself in a coffee shop with a Bible and notes and a brainstorming session for small group curriculum and a message I will get to share in a few weeks.  My simple, human head could not have fathomed how God would do a both/and miracle in this crazy life of mine.

That's time.

It's hard for me to leave it there...with so much I want to share.  In time I am sure it will come.

31 days of singing along
31 days of singing along

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