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31 Days of Singing Along: Away

31 Days of 5 minute posts with a community of writers. 

Today's Prompt: Away

"Stay Away!"

"Keep Out.  This means you Lyndsey."

These are just some of the signs that you may have found on my door as young tween and teen.  I have a sister and a brother.  My sister is five years younger.  My brother is just shy of 10 years younger.  We are spread out by age but still close and connected.  We always have been.  My sister and I went through the normal sibling squabbles.  She would steal my clothes...then when she got older and much cooler than I ever was or would be, I stole hers.  With five years in between us I taught her lots of things.  There were a few good things and there was a fair share of bad things.  I always loved her but as a teenager I didn't always love having her around.  I wanted my space and I wanted her away from it.

One day, after I had left for my first year of college, I watched a friend interact with her younger sister.  It felt like a tons of bricks, bricks of guilt, had come crushing down on my chest.  I realized how keeping her away and treating her so poorly had left a giant hole in my life.  She will tell you that I apologize to this day about how I treated her when I was a teenager.  I'm sure if she reads this she will shake it off again and tell me I am making a much bigger deal out of this than it really is.  But the truth is that I have learned what a gift it is to have a sister (and a brother...I love you too, Joe.)

Sisters can have a way of knowing what is wrong with you before you even know what is wrong with you.

Sisters can have a way forgiving. They can  fight like crazy and then turn around and forgive, hug and go shopping...all in the same day.  I know this to be true.

Sisters can have a way of finding common ground.  They can have great differences of opinions and still manage to enjoy each other and even learn from each other.

The Bug and The Peanut are also five years apart.  I know, they too, will have their differences, squabbles and share of stolen clothes.  But, this mama heart, this sister heart, hopes that they will realize much sooner than I did what a gift it is to have a sister.

Stop.  Times up.

31 days of singing along
31 days of singing along

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