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31 Days of Singing Along: Rest

How appropriate. Today's prompt is Rest. I love my pillow. It's so old that it just molds to me. It's really not much of a pillow anymore but it's still my favorite thing to sleep on.

I am currently laying on it right now after one of the most physically challenging days of my life. I ran 13.1 miles with The Fly by my side. It's was really hard and really good. With the help of family and friends we raised $1680.00 for the Kimbolio Hospice, The Living Room.

Now, with a quiet house, we rest our bodies. Today was a day that changed me. As my aching legs find the rest they need my mind just can't. I am reflecting and my spirit is responding to the story that God unfolded through the last two years.

Stop. 5 minutes.

And, as I reflect I am looking forward to sharing it. Waiting for the words to rise up and then I will write them down.

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