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31 Days of Singing: Teach

If you are just tuning in I have linked up with a group of writers who have committed to writing 5 minute unedited posts everyday in October. I fell off the wagon last week but I'm back on track now.

Today's Prompt: Teach

I am laying in a hotel bed next to my big girl. The fly is in the other bed with the boy and the Peanut is sound asleep in a pack and play. Tomorrow is the big day. We will run. And, as I sit here thinking about everything and everyone that has come along side me on the "race" I have been running in this crazy life I've been given, I realize how incredibly blessed I am.

I am thinking about Meredith and how she was the one who taught me to actually run. She met me three mornings a week for almost a year. She would teach me how to breathe and how to keep my shoulders down. When I couldn't run anymore because of the sweet baby I was carrying, we would have those that you walk away from full of new ideas and thoughts about God and life. She taught me so much.

I am thinking about Kathy. Now almost five months with Jesus. I think about the walks and the talks and how she would teach me about God through her actions and her prayers. I miss her desperately tonight.

There are so many more. And, I don't have time in these mere five minutes to list them all but I will say, "Thank you." Thank you, Lord for bringing so many into my life to teach me. May I pour in and teach others just as it has been done to me.

Stop. That's five.

Sleeping babies. Sleeping Fly. Bed time so I may run the race set out for me in the morning.

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