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31days of singing along

I am joining a community of writers this month as we sit down and write for 5 minutes a day.  It's hard, real, vulnerable and full of errors...but it's real.  Thanks for stopping by!Day 2: View

I fell into a blubbering heap on the rug in the family room.  With a wild ugly cry I let out the sobs that had been bound up for the day, the week, the month.  The kids were playing upstairs and later I knew that they had heard me.  But with sweet wisdom beyond their years they stayed up there and played on while mama had the melt down.

It was the not-good-enoughs, the "why, O Lord's," the pleas for life for the sick and desperate.  It was the frustration with the baby for still fighting a bottle, the exhaustion from rounds to bed after bed the night before.  It was a broken, desperate, sin-filled, grace needing heart that needed to cry out.  The song I was singing today was one we can come across in the Psalms:

Why, my soul, are you downcast?

Why so disturbed within me?

Psalm 43:5

And as I sat at the end of this day, nursing a sweet baby to sleep, in the big blue chair, I heard these words in my spirit, "In view of God's mercy..."  They take the stage in Romans 12:1 but tonight they resonated in a new way.  Over and over again, In view of His mercy. Yes, Mama said there will be days like this and this side of heaven is full of aching and groaning but when we have the mercy of God in our view, in our sight, we know that the brokenness is for a masterpiece. And, the good news tonight is that His mercies are new in the morning.

Oh, thank you, Jesus.

31 days of singing along
31 days of singing along

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