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Move: 31 days of Singing Along

31days of singing along

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit.  That's probably how long it takes for normal people.  I tend to be a slow learner when it comes to self-discipline...something I wrestle with daily and only by grace ever succeed.  So, I need at least 31 days.  10 days more just might make it stick. For five minutes of everyday in October I will be writing.  I am linking up with Kate and The Nester for a 31 day writing challenge.  Kate is kind enough to give a prompt that I will be following as I attempt to share what songs are rising up in my heart each day this month.

So to kick it off, day 1/prompt 1...five minutes, go:


I don't know if everyday will bring to mind an actual song.  We will see where this all goes.  But, as I see the word of the day I can't help but think of my running.  I am currently training for a half marathon.  I have always hated running...afraid because I wasn't any good at it.  Lo and behold, it's what God is using to train me and shape me and teach me that self discipline I lack but so desperately desire.  I was finishing up 9 miles at the beginning of September.  The songs shuffled to Move by MercyMe.  My pace picked up and I was running faster than ever.  "No matter what may gotta move...There's gonna be brighter days...I just might bend but I won't break."  The words pressed me on as I ran that last hill.  Pushing my body up a hill after the last 8.9 miles was the last thing I wanted to do.  Yet, as I pushed and digested the lyrics I sensed that the music was speaking to a deeper place.  All of a sudden it was my very own Rocky moment.  And, I knew, that this running was not just for a bucket list, but the very thing God was using in this season to teach me to run the race set out for me...a life lived full and well.

31 days of singing along
31 days of singing along

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