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Side by Side


A year ago I was getting use to the nausea all over again.  The knitting and forming of something so small in my belly was taking place.  As I type this morning she sleeps in her crib flipped over to her belly because just like her big brother and sister she is growing up so fast.  I had a dream the other night that she was still just four months but walking.  A reminder that these long days are really so short and being present is so important. A year ago I had stopped running and the Fly, well, he started.  I had been training all summer to run for life.  I was running for my life.  I was facing my fears head on and pounding pavement step by step. I was running for the lives at The Living Room, a house of refuge and relief in Kenya for those suffering great illness and living in what may be their last days.  When God surprised us with The Peanut, The Fly picked up the race baton and started running for me.  I still can’t articulate all that I felt when he came into our room that morning after a two mile run, the day after the lines turned pink.  He gently whispered, “If you can’t run anymore, I will run for you.”  I smiled and though desperately wanted to run the race I knew that was God’s plan all along.  I had prayed the year before, for many nights in the big blue chair, for us, for our marriage, to be a team.

Running for his wife. Running for life.
Running for his wife. Running for life.

And now a year later, as a team, we will be tying up our running shoes.  We are running this race together this time.  He is going to slow way down for me and I am hoping to pick up the pace for him.  We will be running side by side for life.  This time for our life, for this new season God has called us a team.  We will run for others lives.  For Kimbolio Hospice, The Living Room, where people we love and respect are doing the great work of being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Where pain and sorrow and despair mingle and create a cacophony of hopelessness, the servant-hearted people working at Kimbolio Hospice usher in soothing melodies of relief and hope that can only come from the love of Jesus pouring through them as they care for their patients.

It’s a great reason to run.

And, it’s a great organization to support.

If you would like to support #SchraderNation (that’s our team name!)  and donate to make a difference at The Living Room, Kimbolio Hospice, you can click the link below.

$20 provides a day of complete care for a patient at Kimbilio Hospice. $40 monthly provides a uniform, room, board and medical care for an orphan to attend school. $140 enables a cancer patient to receive food, medical treatment and 24-hour palliative care for a full week. $200 covers funeral costs and bereavement services for a needy family. $500 provides a full month of care for a malnourished orphan.

We are so grateful for your cheers and your financial support.  We are looking forward to crossing that finish line and I can’t wait to tell you all how it went!

Online fundraising for Tim and Allison Schrader fundraising for Team Living Room 2014- Long Beach at Razoo

We are a team.
We are a team.
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