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Five Minute Friday: Begin


This is my first five minute friday post.  Five minutes, unedited...scary...there will probably be too many commas and a few run on sentences...bear with me. The Topic: Begin

Tomorrow is August 1st.  I love August.  It reminds me of new beginnings.  The kids start school next week.  The Bug goes to Kindergarten.  (Are we really here already?!)  The Little Man starts preschool.  This mama will be on a schedule...and I'm so looking forward to it all.  I feel like I am ready to take a deep breath and dive into this new season.  Yes, I am scared of getting kids to school on time...I was never very good at it myself.  Yes, I am scared of things I don't know, like where I drop the Bug off at, making a snack to send with her everyday, wondering if I am going to get a call from the preschool because Little Man had an accident or worse...caused an accident.  But, at the same time I am so ready.  Ready for what is next.  I have a feeling it's not just about the kids, but God is up to something grand for me too.  I'm ready to begin again in the gifts and talents he has given me.  I'm ready to serve in new capacities and I am ready to step into whatever is next.

So, Lord, let's begin, shall we?!


Five minutes is we go.

Five Minute Friday

“Sit down. Write. You will want to remember this.”

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