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Happy New Year


Happy New Year. It’s like clean sheets, isn’t it?  Fresh and inviting.  We take deep breaths, breathing in the scent of new, unmarked, un-wrinkled.

We’ve come out of advent, a season of anticipation of the coming of our Savior.  We’ve eaten too many sweets and too many calories all together.  We celebrated with people the God of the Universe being with us.  And, if we were quiet for just a moment in the the hustle and bustle and glow of it all we may have sensed His very personal reminders of His presence.


And now, today:  A new start.  For some of us this day could not have come sooner.  2013 was full...full of more heartache and hard times than we care to reminisce about.  There are people I love recklessly that find themselves in this camp.  And, I’m eager to see what God will do as He continues to heal and redeem and restore in their lives.

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare, before they spring forth I tell you of them.”  Isaiah 42:9

As for me, I am full of anticipation.  I have great hopes for this New Year.  I have a new baby girl coming in May.  My biggest girl will begin Kindergarten.  My sweet boy will start preschool.

But as I sit here, the thing I am most excited about is the New Song.

“Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the end of the earth...” Is. 42:10a

I sense a new song rising up in my heart, my home, my family.  I sense the goodness of the Lord following us all the days of this next year, through the lovely and the unexpected.  I sense His un-ending love chasing us and showering us.  I sense a new lesson in grace.

Little Man silly boy
Little Man silly boy
Scooter Bug
Scooter Bug

We’ve got lots of instruments going in our house.  The Fly is playing His guitar.  The Little Man is playing His drums.  The Bug is playing the piano...and I am singing...we are all singing.

May the Lord lead you in a new cadence from any chaos this year.

May He bring and new rhythm to the run down and distraught.

May He sing over you and may you join in His song.

I plan on singing along...

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