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Dad Rocks


We celebrated Father’s Day this weekend.  There are two in my life that I am quite in love with.  My daddy and my husband.  I could brag on each of them for days.  This is why,

They both teach me more about the love of The Father.  They both give of themselves.  They both know my inadequacies and still pursue me with lavish love.


I laugh hard with both of them.

One of my favorite things about my daddy is that he is a dreamer.  This is where I get it. He dreams big and bold and then runs hard to do something about it.  He chases them down and failure only spurs him forward.  He teaches me to never give up. He has shown me that if it’s been planted in my heart, then pursue it.

My daddy.

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he is a thinker.  He is quiet.  Quite the opposite of me.  He simmers and soaks in a thought.  He looks at the sides of the equation and weighs options deliberately.  Decisions are not made on a whim but with careful calculations.  He teaches me wisdom in his silence.  With determination and due diligence he moves forward every day.


Both of these daddies love their babies.  They both tell them so.  To hear a daddy tell his child that he loves them is a priceless thing.  I am so grateful for two men who say it so effortlessly to me and the little ones.

Today I thank my Father for the father’s he has put in my life, my own here on earth and the one I have partnered with to do this life.  I hope they both know that there are not enough words, “in all the books, in all the world,” to accurately describe how grateful I am for each of them.

I love you, daddy.

I love you, Fly.

I hope both know how loved you are.

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